Kerasilk Treatment (My experience)

When growing up I always had very frizzy/curly hair, which growing up became a bit annoying for me.  I ended up purchasing my first set of hair straighteners when I was 11 years old and since that day I used them religiously.  Although I do love my GHD’s (I have linked the pair that I usually use), I was fed up of the damage that it was causing to my hair.

I work in London, therefore waking up at 6am every day is a task itself, let alone having to wake up and spend a good 15 minutes to straighten my hair.  I heard about some people getting straight perms which I consulted my hairdresser about. I really did want that natural poker straight glossy hair, but as my hair has had bleach applied to it in the past, the treatment would frazzle my hair.

As my hair isn’t virgin hair, another option was the Kerasilk treatment, also known as a ‘Brazilian blow-out’.  This is a treatment which uses glyoxylic acid, keratin and silk proteins which helps to smoothen the hair follicles. The Kerasilk treatment gives the best results on thick, frizy, damaged, dry and curly hair, therefore this was ideal for me to try out.

On the day of the treatment, my hair was thoroughly washed and dried to prep for the serum to be applied to my hair. My hair was blow dried and then sectioned into tiny layers, before the chemicals being brushed onto my hair (with emphasis on the parts of my hair that did tend to frizz up the most, such as nearer to the roots of my hair).  My hair was then straightened 3 times and left to really lock into my hair for around 15 minutes.  When the chemicals where straightened into my hair the steam which was released did make my eyes water and sting, however that was my only negative about the Kerasilk treatment.  My hair was washed again and after that, my hair was blitz dried and appeared to be very straight, which I did not expect as I thought it was only meant to relax the hair. I then had a quick trim to make sure that the ends of my hair were healthy.

The treatment came to £175 as my hair wasn’t too long and only shoulder length, and within this price I received my first set of Kerasilk shampoo and conditioner.


The Goldwell Kerasilk Shampoo and Conditioner help to pro-long the life of the treatment and help to put Kerasilk back into your hair.  The first two bottles lasted me 2 months and I am now on my second 2 bottles of the Shampoo and Conditioner.  It lasts so long as you only need the tiniest pea sized amount of the products for your hair, and if in doubt I just add more water to foam it up a little.  The other two products which I purchased on the day are the Keratase Resistance Ciment Thermique and the Goldwell Rich Keratin Silk Fluid.  The Keratase Resistance is a heat protectant which I apply to my hair when it is wet from the roots of my hair down to the ends.  The Silk Fluid is ‘extra keratin’ and helps to keep my hair feeling silky and smooth and also helping to make the treatment last as long as possible (also applied when wet).

Since getting the treatment, I have not used my GHD’s once and my hair is looking naturally straight, yet still has its natural volume which I am loving.  The treatment typically can last anywhere between 3-5 months.  I have had it now for 2-3 months and it is still looking and feeling as good as the first day I had it done.  It is also helping me to grow my hair and not have to keep damaging my hair, as the only damage it is currently receiving is a quick blitz with the hair dryer.

I would love to know your ‘hair care’ situation and know if you have had the same treatment before!