By Terry Favourites

Whenever I find an absolute makeup gem I always love to try out more products from the same brand.  I always prefer to purchase higher end makeup and skincare products as I love the luxurious packaging that they come in and also find that they last on the skin for longer.  Working on Regent Street, I always walk into Space NK which is also my favourite luxury beauty retailer and end up finding products that I fall in love with.

By Terry’s founder, Terry de Gunzburg, may be known as a bit of a makeup guru.  She was the International Makeup Designer of YSL Beauté for 15 years and also invented makeup classics such as the YSL Touché Eclat in 1992.  The Expert range was launched in September 2017 and was produced for women who are ‘on the go’ and can’t spend hours doing their makeup but can be touched up throughout the day if need be.

by terry collection

I have a small selection of the By Terry products as I like to build up my makeup collections over time.  I have thoroughly enjoy using each product and have had to re-purchase the Stylo-Expert Click Stick.

Baume de Rose:


The Baume de Rose is a bit more of a luxurious lip balm than the average lip balm in a tube that you twist up and rub on your lips. When you apply the Baume de Rose not only does it feel velvety and luxurious but it also has a sheen, so it looks great by itself if you want a ‘no makeup, makeup’ look.  It is also known to be considered the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of lip balms, which I cannot argue.  The lip balm has a flowery scent and as it has Vitamin E, it keeps the lips feeling moisturised.  It also has partial protection against UV rays as it has Titanium Dioxide which makes a barrier on the lips and reflects light away from them.

I adore the sheek packaging and how it looks so expensive in the little tub.  I tend to apply the Baume de Rose with a lip brush, as I like to only apply the product where I need it and don’t like it going all over my mouth and fingers, but that’s just my personal preference!  The product retails for £39 and can be purchased in Space NK.

Stylo-Expert Click Stick:


I love the formula of the Stylo-Expert Click Stick as it applies to the skin smoothly.  It is ideal for any little coverups for blemishes that you may have.  The formula of the concealer has I.M.C® technology which means that it is able to hide wrinkles, dark circles, fine lines and imperfections.

The Stylo-Expert is high coverage so I tend to use it under my eyes for a flawless makeup finish, to cover up any blemishes and to highlight my lipstick.  When I am applying lipstick I tend to dab a little bit of the Stylo-Expert in the centre of my lips to give the illusion of having ‘larger lips’. It’s only a subtle difference but still effective!

I know some people prefer to use this concealer to dab on areas of makeup that have gone wrong, like a corrective pen.  I have done this once or twice around the corners of my mouth when applying lip liner or lipstick which has accidentally gone too far.  This is retails for £24.50 in Space NK.

Lash-Expert Twist Brush:


This mascara is truly amazing!  I have naturally long eyelashes; however they are rather straight, so before buying this, I was on the hunt for a mascara that kept the curl that I create with a lash curler, yet still give me length and volume.  This mascara does just that, not to mention there is no flaking that comes off of the lashes and crusts under your eye which come cheaper mascara’s tend to do!

The Lash-Expert is a ‘Two-Step Twist’ mascara which means that the brush changes when twisted.  When on Step 1, the mascara helps to exaggerate and lengthen the lashes, so you get the length on falsies.  It makes sure that the lashes stay separates too so your lashes don’t all stick together and give you a horrible ‘gloopy’ eyelash.  If you want more volume, then you twist the Lash-Expert wand, this is Step 2.  This step is not essential, but is great if you want a bit more subtle drama and volume for thicker lashes.  Brush this through your lashes until you achieve your desired look, but honestly I could not fault this product.  It is wonderful, and you only need to carry one mascara, not 2!

The Lash-Expert is relatively cheap for the price of a By Terry product and retails for only £25.  I have had this mascara now for 3 months, and it still wears like when I first bought it and has not dried out, definitely an amazing purchase!  This product can be bought at Space NK.

Cellularose Moisturising CC Cream:

cc cream

I bought this product quite a while ago and don’t use it enough, I bought the CC Cream to use on weekends or days that I’m not running around London.  The Cellularose CC Cream combines both skincare and makeup in one, it applies with a water-like consistency and is very lightweight.  It dries with a powdery satin finish and leaves your skin looking flawless with a hint of colour to waken you up, not to mention, it also smells amazing!

This product contains Oxydraderm, this targets the water molecule bonding sites on the face, so it provides the face with intense hydration when applied and doesn’t dry the skin.  It also has Date Kernel Extract so it has elements of anti-ageing in the skin care side and Cherry Oil which is brilliant at regenerating the skin.

Before Applying this product I always make sure to exfoliate my skin and give it a good cleanser, as I have found that if not the CC Cream can cling to my dry areas around my nose and under my eyes.  However, with a good skincare routine I can easily avoid this.  The Cellularose CC Cream pairs well with a dab of the Stylo-Expert Click Stick where needed and also Step 1 of the Lash-Expert Twist Brush when wanting to achieve a ‘no makeup, makeup’ look.  This product comes in 4 different shades depending on your skin tone and I have purchased it in the shade NO 3. Beige for an exact match to my skin colour.  This retails for £58 but is totally worth it as it is a product that also has skincare elements and gives you a radiant look, again this can be found in Space NK.

Please let me know in the comments if you have any of the By Terry products, which ones are your favourites or if you’d give any of them a go!